Makings of An E-2 Visa Business Plan

Foreign nationals who are willing to make a sizable investment in a new or existing business in USA are welcomed with open arms. They can set up, develop or direct a business while living in the USA through an E-2 visa. Though the visa is valid for two years, it can be renewed multiple times.

Makings of An E-2 Visa Business Plan_plan writers

Getting the E-2 visa is relatively quick and easy as compared to other immigration visas. The applicant has to fulfill the specific eligibility requirements and also submit an E-2 business plan. This business plan will be carefully scrutinized even before the applicant is invited for a follow-up interview.

Even during the interview, the applicant is questioned in detail about the level of investment in the American business, the business operations, sufficiency of funds, job creation, growth projections and most importantly, the economic benefit on the American economy. These answers have to support and correspond with the information provided in the business plan.

What goes into the plan?

It is clear that the E-2 business plan forms the crux of the application and will influence whether the visa will be granted or not. While there is no set format for the business plan, it should play a dual role of convincing the immigration authorities about the profitability of the business as well as its ability to generate the required number of jobs for the Americans.

It follows that the content and format of this business plan will be markedly different from the regular investment business plans. The plan will not be limited to providing information about the mission and objectives of the business, the products or services, market analysis and strategies, ownership, organizational chart and hiring plans and the costs, sales, cash flow and profit forecasts.

In addition to this, it is imperative that the E-2 business plan should demonstrate that the business is authentic and that the investment will be substantial. It should reveal that the funds have already been committed and prove why the business is bound to be profitable. There should be equal stress on the employment creation capacity of the business as this is a qualifying criteria for the E-2 business visa.

Background information on the visa applicant – pertaining to the qualifications, skills and relevant experience will go a long way in establishing the credibility and potential of the applicant to make a success of the business. For instance, the applicant should establish that he or she has run a successful business earlier – or at least possesses the education and skills to do the same. It would add brownie points if the business is similar to the new business being undertaken on American soil!

It goes without saying that the E-2 business plan should further fulfill all the immigration rules and the requisite legal business guidelines as well.


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