Business Plan – First vs. Third Person

What happens when an entrepreneur plans to write my business plan on his or her own? The content usually reads as, “I am planning to…..” or “We will do…..” and so on.

write my business plan_plan writers

Writing in the first person may make the plan personal for you. It is also much easier to phrase your thoughts, ideas and intentions in this manner.

However, what happens when an investor, banker or other third party picks up such a business plan? Just a cursory scan of the business plan can sound quite sloppy and amateurish. In fact, investors often term entrepreneurs writing their business plan in the first person as ‘cheerleaders’ and deem it unprofessional.

Still, some others also consider that the tone of the business plan does not matter as long it stays consistent throughout the business plan.

Yet, since we cannot gauge the outlook of the reader, entrepreneurs are always advised to use the third person while penning down their business plan. Use the name of the company, like “ABC Company will….” and stick to the same tone all through. This will show formality, stay reasonable and sound professional.

But the fact remains that people often find it uncomfortable and strange to write in the third person, especially given that the entrepreneur is so close to the idea and the business. Some even write in the first person and then change all the pronouns and other references to third person to make things more impersonal. However, this can affect the flow of the plan and make it sound stilted at times.

So, if you cannot think like a hired writer when writing the business plan, why not go ahead and engage a professional to write my business plan? Skilled and experienced business plan writing services – like The Plan Writers ( – can create the right tone and pitch that will set your business plan apart. Both the content and polish will wow investors and convince them to back the business.


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