Planning The Business Plan

A business plan for my startup was always in my scheme of things. As a fledgling business, I wanted to save on business plan writers cost and decided to write the plan on my own.

planning the business plan_the plan writers

In hindsight, my major mistake was to jump in with both feet. I directly started writing down the executive summary for the business plan. Many different thoughts were running through my mind and I wanted to jot them all down at once. As a result, I kept skipping from one section to the other – one minute I was framing my business goals, the next I found myself penning sales strategies only to jump into some crucial detail of the income and expense forecasts.

This scenario kept repeating itself every time I sat down to work on the business plan. As can be expected, the plan turned out to be quite haphazard, disjointed and incomplete. Some details were repeated again and again while other critical information was missing. Many of the components ended up muddled together and I was hard pushed to confer even a semblance of order to the plan.

the plan writers

But it was only after umpteen attempts to change and organize the business plan that I decided to give up and call in the professionals. It is to their credit that the specialist business plan consultants at The Plan Writers ( did not gag or even snicker at my slapdash work.

The team simply stressed on the need to plan out the business plan before moving to the actual writing part. When we sat down together, one of the first things they discussed in detail was the objective of the business plan. This was not about what I intended to do with the business, but focused on the express aim and purpose of the business plan. They created a target profile for the investors before moving on to profile my actual business, customers and competition. Our discussions were focused and organized and as expected, the finished business plan was more than worth the business plan writers cost.


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