Business Plan And Business Planning

A business plan forms the core of a business. An entrepreneur targets an interesting opportunity and then thinks, studies and strategizes about how to turn it into a lucrative business enterprise. Professional business plan writers assist the entrepreneur with due diligence and research about the prospects, challenges, limitations and so on. It is then that the ideas, facts, assumptions, strategies, projections, strengths and weaknesses are assimilated into a comprehensive business plan.

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For an existing business, the business plan experiences a subtle shift – the focus is on mapping out the growth and success in the future. Or it could be about capitalizing on an emerging opportunity or adapting to a changing scenario. However, the method, the means and the format remain mostly the same. After all, the target is still either to lure investors and raise funds or provide direction to the business.

However, entrepreneurs often mistake this kind of business plan with business planning. They do not realize that the functionality of the business plan is limited to planning resources, managing responsibilities and establishing metrics for tracking the results of the business.

In other words, a business plan may be crucial to launching a new business or even for steering an existing business in a new direction. But at the end of the day, the business plan is essentially static in nature. It is something that the entrepreneurs and managers review on a monthly, or more commonly, annual basis to track the actual performance against the established benchmarks to stay on the right course.

However, business planning is more flexible and dynamic in nature. This is what sets the business plan into motion and moves it to a more variable plane. The plan is juxtaposed with the changing elements, like customer expectations, competitor performance, regulatory requirements and economic changes to name a few. Grappling with these shifting dynamics is what is called business planning!

Therefore, continuous business planning is what will confer the business with the momentum to combat changes as and when they occur. This gives the management invaluable lead time to hit the ground running even in the face of strong or unexpected external forces.

It follows that the business plan is a blueprint that forms the foundation of the business. It is done once or a few times at best by professional business plan writers. On the other hand, business planning is more continuous in nature. It takes off from the business plan and breathes life into this otherwise stagnant document. It enables the business to stay updated even while measuring the progress against the assumptions and projections of the business plan.

At times, business planning can also turn the business plan more active in the form of adjustments and revisions so that the business keeps rolling with the punches. Success is bound to follow!


Planning The Business Plan

A business plan for my startup was always in my scheme of things. As a fledgling business, I wanted to save on business plan writers cost and decided to write the plan on my own.

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In hindsight, my major mistake was to jump in with both feet. I directly started writing down the executive summary for the business plan. Many different thoughts were running through my mind and I wanted to jot them all down at once. As a result, I kept skipping from one section to the other – one minute I was framing my business goals, the next I found myself penning sales strategies only to jump into some crucial detail of the income and expense forecasts.

This scenario kept repeating itself every time I sat down to work on the business plan. As can be expected, the plan turned out to be quite haphazard, disjointed and incomplete. Some details were repeated again and again while other critical information was missing. Many of the components ended up muddled together and I was hard pushed to confer even a semblance of order to the plan.

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But it was only after umpteen attempts to change and organize the business plan that I decided to give up and call in the professionals. It is to their credit that the specialist business plan consultants at The Plan Writers ( did not gag or even snicker at my slapdash work.

The team simply stressed on the need to plan out the business plan before moving to the actual writing part. When we sat down together, one of the first things they discussed in detail was the objective of the business plan. This was not about what I intended to do with the business, but focused on the express aim and purpose of the business plan. They created a target profile for the investors before moving on to profile my actual business, customers and competition. Our discussions were focused and organized and as expected, the finished business plan was more than worth the business plan writers cost.

Top 5 Magical Tips For a Good Business Plan ✨ ✨

Business plans can be difficult to write if you are not sure of the content and format. To present it in the simplest way – a business plan is a guide or a roadmap for your business that outlines the services, products, goals and the details of how you plan to achieve those goals.

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Here are few tips on how to be a good business plan consultant:

  • Setting up the first draft

This step is an informal one. All you need to do is to jot down the thoughts of your mind onto paper or screen. Grammar, structure and neatness are not a bother in this stage.

  • Research work

Get an idea of the market you are going to work in. Do enough research and understand the details that would help you write a structured business plan.

  • Identify your USP

Dig deep into discovering why you should be hired and not others. Think about what makes you stand out and then use it as your market base.

  • Get feedback

Share your plan to your friends, family, business associates and potential customers and listen carefully to their feedbacks to take those up seriously.

  • Keep it simple

Stick to mentioning only the important points as there is no one who reads dozens of pages of a business plan.

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Let Award Winning Experts write your Business Plans

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Business Plan – First vs. Third Person

What happens when an entrepreneur plans to write my business plan on his or her own? The content usually reads as, “I am planning to…..” or “We will do…..” and so on.

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Writing in the first person may make the plan personal for you. It is also much easier to phrase your thoughts, ideas and intentions in this manner.

However, what happens when an investor, banker or other third party picks up such a business plan? Just a cursory scan of the business plan can sound quite sloppy and amateurish. In fact, investors often term entrepreneurs writing their business plan in the first person as ‘cheerleaders’ and deem it unprofessional.

Still, some others also consider that the tone of the business plan does not matter as long it stays consistent throughout the business plan.

Yet, since we cannot gauge the outlook of the reader, entrepreneurs are always advised to use the third person while penning down their business plan. Use the name of the company, like “ABC Company will….” and stick to the same tone all through. This will show formality, stay reasonable and sound professional.

But the fact remains that people often find it uncomfortable and strange to write in the third person, especially given that the entrepreneur is so close to the idea and the business. Some even write in the first person and then change all the pronouns and other references to third person to make things more impersonal. However, this can affect the flow of the plan and make it sound stilted at times.

So, if you cannot think like a hired writer when writing the business plan, why not go ahead and engage a professional to write my business plan? Skilled and experienced business plan writing services – like The Plan Writers ( – can create the right tone and pitch that will set your business plan apart. Both the content and polish will wow investors and convince them to back the business.

Makings of An E-2 Visa Business Plan

Foreign nationals who are willing to make a sizable investment in a new or existing business in USA are welcomed with open arms. They can set up, develop or direct a business while living in the USA through an E-2 visa. Though the visa is valid for two years, it can be renewed multiple times.

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Getting the E-2 visa is relatively quick and easy as compared to other immigration visas. The applicant has to fulfill the specific eligibility requirements and also submit an E-2 business plan. This business plan will be carefully scrutinized even before the applicant is invited for a follow-up interview.

Even during the interview, the applicant is questioned in detail about the level of investment in the American business, the business operations, sufficiency of funds, job creation, growth projections and most importantly, the economic benefit on the American economy. These answers have to support and correspond with the information provided in the business plan.

What goes into the plan?

It is clear that the E-2 business plan forms the crux of the application and will influence whether the visa will be granted or not. While there is no set format for the business plan, it should play a dual role of convincing the immigration authorities about the profitability of the business as well as its ability to generate the required number of jobs for the Americans.

It follows that the content and format of this business plan will be markedly different from the regular investment business plans. The plan will not be limited to providing information about the mission and objectives of the business, the products or services, market analysis and strategies, ownership, organizational chart and hiring plans and the costs, sales, cash flow and profit forecasts.

In addition to this, it is imperative that the E-2 business plan should demonstrate that the business is authentic and that the investment will be substantial. It should reveal that the funds have already been committed and prove why the business is bound to be profitable. There should be equal stress on the employment creation capacity of the business as this is a qualifying criteria for the E-2 business visa.

Background information on the visa applicant – pertaining to the qualifications, skills and relevant experience will go a long way in establishing the credibility and potential of the applicant to make a success of the business. For instance, the applicant should establish that he or she has run a successful business earlier – or at least possesses the education and skills to do the same. It would add brownie points if the business is similar to the new business being undertaken on American soil!

It goes without saying that the E-2 business plan should further fulfill all the immigration rules and the requisite legal business guidelines as well.

Business Plans For L-1 Visa

Most businessmen and entrepreneurs agree that the task of crafting a well-defined business plan to spearhead their business is best entrusted to business plan consultants. It enables them to raise the required investor capital and also serves as a guide for the business.

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However, when an employee in a multi-national is seeking a transfer to a corporate branch or affiliate office in the USA, a business plan and L-1 business plan writers may be furthest from the mind. All energies are focused on getting the non-immigrant visa to live and work in the USA. This can even becomear ticket to a permanent residency in the future!

Given all that is riding on the visa, are you aware that all L-1 visa petitions should be accompanied by an L-1 business plan? That too, the business plan should pertain to the company in USA!

This business plan should contain the usual particulars about the business such as the products or services, location, market analysis, sales and marketing strategies, personnel and hiring information, financial analysis and so on. Apart from this, the plan has to clearly establish that the said employee is working in an executive or managerial capacity or is a highly-skilled worker with specialized knowledge.

The plan not only needs to expressly lay out the relationship between the U.S. company and the overseas one but also confirm that the employee has worked in the latter in the said capacity for a continuous one-year period during the preceding three years.

These are inviolate requirements and any discrepancies can invite an RFE (Request for Further Information) or even result in a dismissal.

Therefore, to ensure that the immigration authorities are convinced by the legitimacy of your application, you need a tailored, comprehensive and persuasive business plan. And who can do this job better than the skilled and experienced L-1 business plan writers at The Plan Writers (